Barrel Liquid Asset Protection

Zero overhead weight on barrels
Less pressure on barrel structure for fewer leaks, cracks and structural failures 

Barrels contained in rack
Posts safeguard barrel from rolling off rack

Stir lees in rack (w/optional wheels)

More operations ON rack means less opportunity for errors

Unparalleled Cellar Employee Safety

Moving barrels in the cellar w/Forklift
Barrels are ‘caged’ within 4 posts preventing sudden stop or bumpy surface accidents
Stable rack ‘footprint’
Providing stability during seismic events, bumping & nudging during service & forklift work Easier line of site stacking w/feet & post alignment couplers

Spend 26 cents* a gallon to protect your cellar workers

& mitigate seismic damage to your wine!

The recent earthquake in Napa California is a stark reminder that our barrel cellars are potentially very dangerous and very expensive if another inevitable quake hits.  Any barrel stacking system that relies on the integrity of the barrel for support IS going to fail at some point, perhaps not from a seismic event, but simply by a nudge from a passing forklift.  Barrel Safe instead!

* ~$235 over traditional racks ÷ 900 (120 gallons x 7.5 vintages – 15 yr rack life / 2 yr aging)


·  Mix different barrel types on same rack ·  Ample room to service barrels ON rack ·  Quicker, more stable stack/unstacking ·  Capable of  safely stacking 8 high

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(707) 681-5700


·  Powder coating colors ·  Wheels for lees stirring in racks
· Hot dipped galvanizing for Coastal Regions


·  High purity zinc coating on BOTH sides of tubing protects from corrosion INSIDE & OUT ·  15 year lifespan (nearly 3x traditional racks)