Rack-On-Barrel Endangers Workers & Assets

Why retro-fit racks ideas don't work...

Since the Napa earthquake of 8/24/2014, traditional rack-on-barrel suppliers have touted supposed solutions to keeping barrels on racks under the premise that securing the top barrels makes the entire stack stable.  As the diagram to the left demonstrates, it is the entire stack stability that determines the integrity of the stack, not just the top barrels. 

Rack-on-barrel suppliers propose a top rack and strap system that is not practical and will be dismissed by the barrel cellar staff as cumbersome and not practical in usual barrel arrangements.

The same applies to 'roller' types of bottom racks that require a special bottom rack with casters to allow the stack to 'move' in a seismic event.  Again the inconvenience of a separate and  different device has to be applied to the bottom rack, and is unlikely for barrel cellar staff to consistently go to the extra effort.  Additionally, if you've worked in a barrel cellar you know that any one of those 8 casters are very likely to get gummed up by dragging, with cleaning solutions, or debris in a manner that inhibits the entire premise if even one caster is compromised.

The one true solution is a rack that is seismically stable without additional work by the barrel cellar staff, and is inherently stable by design.  BARREL SAFE rack-on-rack solutions are the practical solution.

“This (two-barrel) rack has in a number of occasions proven itself vulnerable,” said Joshua Marrow, a principal at Structural Engineering Group, who conducted the UC Berkeley test as a graduate student and whose own research has shown the shortcomings of the two-barrel rack. 1BY BILL SWINDELL THE PRESS DEMOCRAT on September 7, 2014, 12:15AM09/07/2014

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How About 4 Barrel Racks?

Why re-manufacture & refurbish don't work...

Somehow the idea of 2 inferior racks welded together makes them more stable and viable to seismic activity?  If you've ever driven a forklift with a 4 barrel wide or back to back configuration, you'll already know this is NOT a viable seismic mitigation solution, let alone practical in our tight barrel cellar configurations. 

Refurbished racks are dangerous!  Sand blast already worn metal thinner, then cover damage and fatigue with paint = an accident waiting to happen.  Don't buy it.  BARRELSAFE instead!

Barrels are designed to hold wine NOT more barrels!

The recent earthquake in Napa California is a stark reminder that our barrel cellars are potentially very dangerous and very expensive when the next inevitable quake hits.  Any barrel stacking system that relies on the integrity of the barrel for support IS going to fail at some point, perhaps not from a seismic event, but simply by a nudge from a passing forklift.  BARREL SAFE instead!